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Vigilent Labs provides fully compliant, comprehensive testing solutions for COVID-19 and other health threats. Discover how we can provide your team with real-time accurate results.


What We Do

At Vigilent Labs, we provide testing solutions for:


Travel & Events
In-person events can use Vigilent Labs testing options to keep their guests safer and more seamlessly monitor attendee health status.


Employers rely on Vigilent Labs testing to keep their employees safe by screening and monitoring for health threats like the COVID-19 virus.


Schools & Universities
Schools and Universities Faculty and students can return to in-person learning with Vigilent Labs testing solutions, allowing for easy monitoring and tracking of health status.


Individuals can use Vigilent Labs convenient testing options from the comfort of their home, as well as store and track their results through our digital platform.

The Vigilent Labs Tests

We currently offer:

Rapid Tests
We utilize rapid antigen tests to detect COVID-19, as well as screening tests for Influenza A and B.


Proctored Tests
We provide FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived Sienna testing products for COVID-19 that must be proctored by healthcare professional

About Vigilent Labs

We are a health screening company that provides accurate test solutions for COVID-19 and other diseases for employers, schools, and events.

Using our v.Slide technology, individuals can quickly and accurately test themselves and their loved ones for COVID-19 and influenza (with more disease tests coming soon.) From there, they can report their findings through our v.Pass system in order to work, take classes, or attend events in person.

Our technology makes it easier for employers, schools, and event organizers to manage in-person meetings, classes, and gatherings.

Here's How It Works:

Organizations upload their employees, students, or patrons into a personalized health screening dashboard (the v.Dashboard) in minutes.

Vigilent Labs distributes the rapid testing kits (v.Slide) to all individuals listed on the dashboard.

Once individuals complete their tests, they can upload their results to the dashboard using our consumer app (v.Pass).

The dashboard uses machine learning to coordinate results based on vaccination status, test results, and other data, providing organizations with an instant health snapshot.

Currently, Vigilent Labs is contract manufacturing more than 15 million COVID-19 rapid antigen tests monthly, making us one of the world’s fastest growing biotech firms. We kit over 450,000 tests daily to support ongoing efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are the preferred testing solution for one of the largest insurance firms in the southeast United States, providing tests for the insurance firm itself as well as being the preferred solution for its customers in the governmental and private markets.

The Vigilent Labs Suite (VLMS)





Our consumer app allows individuals to update and manage their personal health data, including their latest Vigilent Labs test results.

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