Vigilent Labs establishing operations in Charleston County

More than $104.6 million investment will create more than 400 new jobs COLUMBIA, S.C. – Vigilent Labs, an advanced health and medical technology company, today announced plans to establish operations in Charleston County. The company is investing more than $104.6 million and will create over 400 new jobs at its state-of-the-art COVID-19 test manufacturing facility […]

John Falk – Lifetime Commitment to Congressional Award

See original post at John Falk’s solemn promise to a former high school teacher has launched a several decade-long passion for the Congressional Award program and encouraging youth to seek civic engagement. “Civic engagement means everything to me,” Falk said. “Volunteering is itself an action with a substantive impact on your community.” Falk’s commitment […]

Vigilent Labs Partners with Davenpot Aviation

Vigilant Labs is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Davenport Aviation and obtained authorization to sell our FDAEUA approved Sienna Covid-19 Antibody Rapid Test Kit on the Davenport Aviation GSA Schedule contract GS-07F- 139DA. This GSA schedule provides all Federal, State and local governmental entities, non-profit organizations such as State Universities, medical organizations […]

v.Labs: Advancing the State-of-the-Art in Medical Infectious Disease Surveillance

A number of studies have pointed out the potential usefulness of establishing a medical surveillance system, in an attempt to intervene positively in outbreaks of disease, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality. Collecting syndromic data to predict events as they occur in the health care setting will hopefully provide early warning of potential bioterrorist attacks. This […]