Vigilent Labs will provide 4 rapid Antigen Tests and ONE Antibody Test, along with vPASS to track results. For a price less than ONE PCR Test, your company could cover ONE employee for a month and meet this Federal Mandate.


A Lab In Your Hand

Vigilent Labs is introducing a comprehensive point-of-care “Lab In Your Hand” with near real-time global, regional and local tracking of disease. 

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Data Made in the USA... Stays in the USA.

Vigilent Labs was established in 2019 to provide unique solutions to the detection, identification and assessment of health and bio-threats to the Healthcare Community. Our team has substantial experience in the development of medical and bio-surveillance technologies as well as medical devices. Located at 3860 Faber Place Drive, Suite 100, N. Charleston SC, Vigilent Labs’ new operations will serve as the company’s headquarters, which will include the company’s East Coast production and manufacturing operations.

V.Labs leverages our existing capability with leading edge technology to provide a comprehensive solution to the medical community from the Point Of Care environment to the Executives and Managers responsible for healthcare decision making. Vigilent Labs utilizes proven technologies such as Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFIA) for Point Of Care Tests and open architecture databases and displays for managing information at the Laboratory and Administrative organizational levels. Our unique combination of functions comprises a solution of capabilities that is well suited for end-to-end assessment and response to the COVID-19 threat. Our solutions and associated use cases exhibit the applicability of our products to enable healthcare organizations to efficiently and effectively respond to the COVID-19 threat.

V.Labs implements forward looking technology to ensure our product line adapts to other health threats as well as evolving future unknown threats through Cooperative Agreements with industry leading development companies and internationally recognized research development organizations. Vigilent Labs is a company and product provider you can rely on for meeting your current and future needs.

Accurate Testing

Immediate Results

Mobile v.PASS

The Vigilent Labs Six Key Components:

• v.APP
• Command and Control v.VIS
• v.PASS

pecific bodily fluids (as per desired test), such as a finger prick blood sample, is applied to the disposable consumable called the v.SLIDE, a multiplexing LFIA testing module. The v.SLIDE is inserted into the v.RESOLUTE READER to instantly interpret the results through the mobile app v.APP which are time and date stamped, geo-tagged and securely transmitted through v.VIS to the encrypted v.DATAVAULT. 

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Advanced Technology Screening and Verification “Creating A Digital All Clear Pass”:

The v.LABS platform has the capability to utilize the v.PASS, which is a digital QR Code that encrypts the results from a test. For example, in managing the highly contagious COVID-19, participants in public spaces may be required to show proof of a negative test result before entry.  The v.LAB Platform would screen the participant and create a QR Code or digital “pass” for a negative test result, indicating the participant is ”COVID Clear”. The QR Code is widely utilized and easily adaptable via v.APP. 

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Vigilent Labs was established in May 2019.

Vigilent Labs
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