Our Vision

Vigilent Labs innovation is working to bring forth new technologies that augment our current line as well as expand the possibilities of near patient biomedicine.  Vigilent Labs is developing the v.LABS Platform, a “Lab in Your Hand” which changes the way diseases and conditions are identified, tracked and managed, enabling medical operators to better assess treatment paths of individuals..

The v.LABS Platform creates a smarter and more efficient way to diagnose by implementing a ‘symptom led’ approach, not limited to providing an identification and detection solution to urgencies like the COVID-19 outbreak.; The PLATFORM is the long-term solution to managing healthcare for on-site triage and potential future outbreaks. The v.LABS Platform will provide the End-To-End solution that leverages our “Lab In Your Hand” technology coupled with our “Back Office” systems to provide a comprehensive tool set for evaluating and managing any bio-threat.