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Introducing the v.LABS Platform

Vigilent Labs is introducing a comprehensive point-of-care “Lab In Your Hand” with near real-time global, regional and local tracking of disease. Introducing the v.LABS Platform

The v.LABS Platform: A Solution To Keep America Open, Working and Being Educated! 

The v.LABS Platform is being designed as a digital, comprehensive, hand-held, point-of-care, Lateral Flow Immuno-Assay (“LFIA”) identification and detection device. The “Lab in Your Hand” consists of the reusable v.RESOLUTE READER, which gives accurate digital test results via an app within 10 minutes. Functioning as an on-site triage and near real-time detection tool, the automated digitalization of the v.RESOLUTE READER enables tracking and monitoring of disease outbreaks on a global, regional or local basis through v.VIS command and control to the v.DATAVAULT. Fully customizable for numerous diseases, the disposable v.SLIDE enables on-site detection and triage. The v.LABS Platform changes the way diseases and conditions are identified, tracked and managed, enabling medical operators to better assess treatment paths and/or if individuals may go back to work, school or other activities. v.LABS is not limited to providing an identification and detection solution to urgencies like the COVID-19 outbreak; rather, the PLATFORM is the long-term solution to managing healthcare and offering the proper management for on-site triage and potential future outbreaks. v.LABS Platform is on course to be the Gold Standard for identification, detection and tracking of disease.

The v.Labs Six Key Components:

  • v.SLIDE
  • v.APP
  • v.PASS
  • v.VIS

Specific bodily fluids (as per desired test), such as a finger prick blood sample, is applied to the disposable called the v.SLIDE, a multiplexing LFIA testing module. The v.SLIDE is inserted into the v.RESOLUTE READER to instantly interpret the results through the mobile app v.APP which are time and date stamped, geo-tagged and securely transmitted through v.VIS to the encrypted v.DATAVAULT. 

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Advanced Technology Screening and Verification “Creating A Digital All Clear Pass”: v.PASS

The v.LABS platform has the capability to utilize the Vigilent Inc. designed v.PASS, which is a digital QR Code that encrypts the results from a test. For example, in managing the highly contagious COVID-19, participants in public spaces may be required to show proof of a negative test result before entry.  The v.LAB Platform would screen the participant and create a QR Code or digital “pass” for a negative test result, indicating the participant is ”COVID Clear”. The QR Code is widely utilized and easily adaptable via v.APP.  

v.LABS Platform:

Simple, Quick and Accurate Triage, Disease Detection and Identification, Digital Tracking and Clearing.

The v.LABS Platform is designed as a comprehensive suite of products that are tailorable to the user needs and environment. Our product line is based on the concept of implementing a digital environment for the Healthcare Community from the Point Of Care Healthcare Provider to the Managers and Executives responsible for healthcare decision making. Our Point Of Care products incorporate everything necessary to administer Rapid Antigen and Antibody Tests that provide results on site within minutes, digitize the results of those tests, and provide instant feedback to the patient.

The VLMS Product Line also includes our VLMS Healthcare Management Products for Labs and Organizations and is composed of a modularized suite of integrated digital components that are configurable to the user needs and environment. Our open architecture framework provides the ability collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple sources to establish a comprehensive view of the threat environment through our tools. The VLMS Tool Set provides the unique ability to not just collect data, but to apply our analytics to produce actionable output to help Managers and Executives make meaningful decisions.

Our front-line products include our v.SLIDE Antibody and Antigen Rapid Point Of Care Kits that are standalone tests that provide an unambiguous result easily readable and interpreted by the Healthcare Provider. Our v.SLIDE is complimented by our v.RESOLUTE READER which interfaces with the v.SLIDE using an adapter to digitize the v.SLIDE results. We also provide adapters for third party Point Of Care cassettes to enable digitization of results of the test performed in the customer environment and in compliance with their testing protocols. Once the test results are

digitized by the v.RESOLUTE READER, the results are transmitted to the v.APP that resides on the Healthcare Providers mobile device. The Healthcare Provider’s Mobile v.APP develops a v.PASS that can be captured on the

patient’s Mobile Device that presents the results of the test. The results include identification data, test data, and a QR Code that the patient can use to display the results of test as their discretion. The Point Of Care Healthcare Provider v.APP transmits the test results to v.DATAVAULT using an organization’s VPN or other communications protocol. Our data transmissions protocol is fully compliant with all HIPAA and PII requirements using industry standard AES encryption/decryption algorithms.

v.DATAVAULT is an open architecture database that integrates with customer data environments and has the ability to import data from a variety of sources including v.APP, Laboratory data collection applications, and other data sources to provide a comprehensive Parametric Database for analysis. This data environment enables the collection, aggregation, and analysis of available data to present a Common Operating Picture through our v.VIS.


  • The Vigilent Labs disposable v.SLIDE uses a ‘symptom-led’ approach and is currently available under the Sienna Brand for COVID-19 Rapid Antigen and Antibody Point Of Care Testing. For example, if a patient exhibits signs of fever, cough and sore throat, the medical Healthcare Provider can perform the COVID-19 Antigen Test to determine if the patient may have the virus. A negative COVID-19 Antigen Test can be followed by our COVID-19 Antibody Test to determine if the patient had the disease and is now past the infectious stage. Both these test provide unambiguous results that can be easily read on-site by the Healthcare Provider. Future tests range from pathogens such as influenza and strep to physiologic conditions such as cardiovascular and pulmonary markers, drugs of abuse and the monitoring of hormone and vitamin levels.



  • v.RESOLUTE READER digitizes the test results on site including digital time and date stamp with geo-tagging for precise situational awareness of the context for where data is collected for each test result and transmits those results to the Point Of Care Healthcare Provider v.APP
  • Test results are reported using our encrypted HIPAA compliant Wireless mode (via user VPN, BlueForce or Bluetooth) within the mobile app v.APP on the user’s mobile smart device of choice;
  • v.DATAVAULT digitally tracks all test results using HIPAA compliant protocols that anonymizes PII as required, allowing needed pandemic surveillance which is currently lacking worldwide in the current COVID-19 outbreak;
  • Our v.VIS Interoperable command and control platform utilizes v.DATAVAULT information to display all test results in near real-time Common Operating Picture with the ability to track results on a global, regional, local or enterprise basis.
  • v.LABS Platform also provides environmental weather conditions providing the ability to assess potential influences of weather on contagion spread as well as inhibiting response effectiveness.



  • v.DATAVAULT, is scalable, open architecture & interoperable with enabled communications pathways to the command and control center. v.DATAVAULT and v.VIS enables global real-time detection and monitoring of a scalable and customizable network of different v.LABS Operation, Groups or Users for optimal disease and outbreak surveillance;
  • v.DATAVAULT is fully customizable to clients’ needs and can be integrated within any existing infrastructure;
  • Comparing different time periods, exploring maps, displaying real-time results, evaluating health data in various graphs and tracking v.RESOLUTE READERS are just a few of the features offered by the v.DATAVAULT. Healthcare managers can also aggregate and view key test data in near real-time from different users and survey their performance, as well as view and manage v.SLIDE supply. 


  • v.SLIDE is a cost effective, simple to use, disposable, Point-of-Care Testing Module providing on-site results within 10 minutes;
  • v.RESOLUTE READER is a hand-held, sturdy, wireless device with a 2 year non- rechargeable battery life or up to 5,000 tests;
  • v.APP and v.DATAVAULT allow record accurate digitized results, with real-time tracking and global monitoring of outbreaks, evaluation of prevalence’s of different conditions and/or mass-identification and detection;
  • v.PASS creates a QR Code for use by the test subject/patient that presents on demand the results of the test;
  • v.LABS Platform is a long term solution that is customizable and can be rapidly modified to specific government and customer mission or need;
  • v.LABS Platform provides A a critically needed solution to accelerate the mission of return to work, return to school and return to travel.